Doctor Sues Great Adventure After Kingda Ka Coaster Injury


JACKSON – A doctor from Red Bank is suing Six Flags Great Adventure after suffering “severe and permanent damage to his neck and spine” from riding the Kingda Ka Roller Coaster.

The litigant, Red Bank Doctor Christopher Fabricant, alleges that the park did not warn him that someone his size, 6’2″ could not safely ride the “fastest roller coaster in North America.” He claims the safety harness on the ride can cause “crushing injuries” for people his height or taller, because the ride’s “extreme speed and torqueing forces” cause whiplash.

While the park does not comment on lawsuits, they do claim that the “safety and well-being of their guests is always their top priority.”

The case is being heard in the Camden court, due to the park requesting a change of venue from the Ocean County Superior Court.

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