Mo Hill Sold Open Space for North Dover Housing Project


As the mayoral campaign in Toms River has increasingly focused on over-development, a 2014 land sale approved by Councilman Mo Hill has come under renewed scrutiny. Hill and his fellow Council Members voted to sell 11 acres of township-owed open space to a developer and then approved a 102 unit housing project on the North Dover site, now known as Cornerstone Commons.

The story starts in 2003, when Toms River purchased 11-acres of woodlands near Cox Crow Road for $1.05 million. In 2014, the township sold the open space property to the Walters Group, a development company, for $750,000, resulting in a $300,000 loss for the township. According to Ocean County Tax Records, the land is now assessed at over $2.8 million.

Campaign finance reports show that Hill received a $3,000 campaign contribution from the Walters Group, the developer of the Cornerstone Commons property in North Dover. The Walters Group has also given $145,800 to the Ocean County Republican Finance Committee, which in turn gave an additional $15,400 to Hill’s campaign.

Councilman Hill’s opponent in the mayoral race, Jonathan Petro has criticized the land deal and the government subsidies as a giveaway to politically connected developers. Petro stated, “Toms River should be preserving open space, not selling it to developers at a budget price.”

Republican Mo Hill was elected to the Toms River Council in 2003. Petro is a local attorney who is running for office for the first time. The election is Tuesday, November 5th.


  • This really smells like Sh*t. The Township takes a 300,00.00 hit and these jackoffs sell to a campaign contributor for 3,000.00 ? There is,so much wrong with this. None of which should happen without a special vote from ALL TOMS RIVER RESIDENTS!

  • I am definitely voting Democratic this time. I am a staunch Republican but not for this election mo hill sounds a little shady

  • I could have built nice homes at ski view park but my company WMHD inc was told that after building 90 homes in Glenwood est I needed to set aside recreational space . Soon I will sue Toms River if the land is used for profits.

  • How can property that is classified as open space be sold and especially at a loss property usually increases in value and isn’t it interesting that Mo hill got contributions to his campaign

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